Cercle Royal des Echecs de Charleroi

18th Pays de Charleroi International Tournament


Experts Group

1.Experts Group Defending ChampionGMMher HOVHANNISYANF 2454BELconfirmed
2.Young Defending ChampionFMArno STERCKF 2308BELconfirmed
3.1st representative of the VSFFMRoel HAMBLOKF 2275BELconfirmed
4.2nd representative of the VSFFMGorik COOLSF 2309BELconfirmed
5.1st representative of the FEFBThibault REALF 2266BELconfirmed
6.1st representative of the SvDBGMAlexandre DGEBUADZEF 2485BELconfirmed
7.1st Elo-Fide candidateGMTanguy RINGOIRF 2500BELconfirmed
8.2nd Elo-Fide candidateFMDaniel DARDHAF 2430BELconfirmed
9.3rd Elo-Fide candidateIMGeert VAN DER STRICHTF 2424BELconfirmed
10.1st Elo-Fide reserve candidateFMLennert LENAERTSF 2368BELconfirmed

IM norm for FM Daniel Dardha is 6/9, and for the player with no title and for the other FMs is 5,5/9.
GM norm is not possible for FM Arno Sterck, FM Daniel Dardha, FM Lennert Lenaerts and IM Geert Van der Stricht, but is possible for the other players with 7/9.


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